Friday, November 23, 2012

DIY Holiday Ornament Garland

Oh my goodness it is my first DIY! This is super simple and easy ornament garland!

What You Will Need:
3 Box's of 50 count (150 total) ornaments 
1 spool of thin ribbon

I bought mine from Target they have a set of matte, shiny and glittery ornaments and I love the bright color combinations and you obviously can pick what ever you want to do this. 

 Once spilling all of my ornaments on the ground, Mr. ManThing promptly mixed them all up for me.
Through each loop (where you would normally put your ornament hook) I ran the ribbion. I tied the first and last ornament to the ribbon to keep them from coming off by knotting them through the loops. It will take a while to get them all.

Once you get them started they'll start to lay one on top of the other like shown above.

This is about how long one box (50 count) looks like. It was way to short for what I needed but if this is what you want, you obviously can just stop here. I kept going with two more boxes (100 more) to get what the effect I needed.

Tada! This is what it looks like while it was done and put up! It was perfect and I love the little touch it added to my living room for Christmas.

This is how much 150 ornaments looks like and how long it is. I hope you guys enjoyed my first little DIY!

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Updated, 11/27/12